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#1's worldwide release date was 
November 17th. 

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"When You Believe" - The new video.


 11/17          Worldwide release date of #1's

                        In Store at Virgin in NYC

11/25           Oprah

12/9            Jay Leno

12/13           Prince of Egypt special airs on NBC

12/15           Mariah Special on UPN

12/18           Prince Of Egypt - opens nationwide

TV Appearances:

 Mariah will appear and perform on The Oprah Winfrey Show November 25th at 4pm EST on ABC-TV. The hour will be shared with Whitney Houston. Mariah and Whitney will sing "When You Believe" and they will both perform solo.

In conjunction with her #1's album release, MTV and VH1 are running specials all week long on Mariah Carey. The following is a breakdown of this week's programing:

11/22 Maraih TV at 1:00pm
11/23 mariah TV at 9am
11/29 Mariah TV at 10:00am

11/22 Fanatic at 1:30pm
11/23 Fanatic at 9:30am
11/29 Fanatic at 10:30am

11/22 Mariah's #1's at 2:00pm
11/23 Mariah's #1's at 10:00am
11/29 Mariah's #1's at 11:00am

Fri - 11/20 at 5pm - #1's Video Collection

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