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Allure's single "Head Over Heels" has been officially released and is now on sale in the U.S. Here is info about the single from Ken Sims:

Tracks are as follows:

1. Head Over Heels 4:13
2. Head Over Heels (Trackmasters Mix) 3:53
3. Head Over Heels (No Rap) 3:32
4. Head Over Heels (Instrumental) 3:49

All vocal arrangements by M. Carey / Recorded at Crave Studios

Selling price in U.S. about $3.50

And a review of the song in the "New and Noteworthy" section of Billboard Magazine: Allure - Head over heels 4:13 Producers: Mariah Carey , Trackmasters Writers: M.Carey, Nas, Poke & Tone, G.Pearson Crave/Trackmasters 9706

Boy is there a lot riding in this single. It marks the premiere of not one, but two high-profile new Sony imprints - Mariah Carey's Crave Records and hip-hop hit machine the Trackmasters' new eponymous label. That's a mighty heavy weight to lay upon the petite shoulders of this charming young female quartet. Fortunately, they are up to the challenge. They are as adept as swapping soulful lead vocal lines as they are at blending smooth harmonies, making the most of the song's playfully romantic lyrics and sleek infectious jeep groove. Hip-hop credibility comes via a guest appearance by Nas, though it if likely that most pop programmers will go directly to the rapfree mix, which lets the ladies cut loose without obstacles.


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